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A new adapted wear business sets up shop in Laval

A new adapted wear business sets up shop in Laval


A common goal brought four business women together:

Providing respect and dignity to our elders


Laval, Quebec, Monday, November 18, 2019 – Four women, Mélina, Cristina, Chantal and Marisa, got together with one goal in mind: create, for their respective mothers who were becoming increasingly dependant, clothes adapted to their needs. As a result, they founded Vêtements Adaptés Ovidis inc. in Laval, in 2017. Respect, dignity and our loved one’s beauty is pivotal and represents the driving force behind this new venture. 


Their sensitivity towards the matter is unique as they all witnessed a loved one’s loss of autonomy. The idea emerged as they each sought to dress their mothers with adapted wear that met their needs.     


The adaptive wear market is constantly evolving. Ovidis carefully re-imagines favourite every day styles and takes into consideration fashion trends to preserve the personality and dignity of the person faced with a loss of autonomy.    


Ovidis believes that getting dressed in the right clothing has a transformative impact on our loved one’s mood, mental health and self-esteem. The clothes we wear affects how other people perceive us, but more importantly, they impact how we think and feel about ourselves.


At Ovidis, we believe that getting dressed should be a positive experience strongly associated to one’s individuality and self-esteem.

Ovidis constantly innovates to ensure they continue to provide hassle-free, discreet adaptive designs to improve the quality of life of our loved one’s who are facing a loss of autonomy.   



Ovidis’s advantages include :  

  • Innovative senior-aging and disability first designs
  • Assisted caregiver dressing in 3 easy steps
  • Fashionable styles, quality fabrics, maximum comfort
  • Enhancing confidence and self esteem
  • Easy wear, easy care, anytime, anywhere!

For more information, visit our website at https://ovidis.com 


About Ovidis:  

Our mission We aim to simplify caregiver assisted dressing by offering clothing made of soft and resilient fabrics, that are easy to care for. They are designed to ensure anyone wearing them feels great and comfortable, day and night. 


Press contact : 

Chantal Lavallée 
Director, Communications 
+1 450 736 7362 

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