About Us

Our Mission

We aim to simplify caregiver assisted dressing by offering stylish adaptive clothing made of soft and resilient fabrics that are easy to care for. Designed to make anyone who wears them feel great and comfortable day and night.

Our Story

Dealing with the daily challenge of caring for loved ones afflicted by Alzheimers is what brought us together to create Ovidis. This is where our story begins.

The most challenging part of our day was trying to deal with the emotions: the constant frustration, humiliation and sadness their loved ones expressed by being unable to handle mundane tasks such as getting dressed. The solution for dressing meant compromising stylish fashions in favour of basic utility. Living with a disability or with a limited range of mobility should not mean a person has to settle.

We realized getting dressed in the right clothing had a transformative impact on mood, essential for mental health and self-esteem.  The clothes we wear affects how other people perceive us and more importantly, how we think and feel about ourselves.

Our goal was to create a line of adaptive clothing that would enable our loved ones dealing with increasing disability, to wear comfortable and curated styles that made them feel dignified.

We believe families, caregivers and professionals should know that options exist to help deliver a positive and painless experience to patients and family members needing assistance getting dressed, something we too often take for granted. The notion of dressing with dignity and enhancing confidence is the epicentre of our core beliefs.

Ovidis Advantage



  • Ideal for lifestyles in transition
  • Caregiver assisted dressing solution, perfect for aging seniors and for individuals facing the challenge of limited mobility.
  • Your favourite everyday styles have been carefully re-imagined to meet your adaptive needs
  • Disability-first at heart: high level functionality meets high level aesthetics
  • All our innovative designs have full back openings with button snap closures facilitating caregiver assisted dressing
The styles Ovidis has to offer help us rediscover the essence of our mother again. The best part is watching her flash a smile when she catches herself in the mirror. Thank you!

– Michelle, from Boisbriand


  • Caregiver assisted dressing system designed and adopted by patients, aging seniors, as well as caregivers, family members and professionals providing assistance to individuals facing mobility, sensory or cognitive challenges
  • Our caregiver assisted dressing system makes dressing a “snap”
  • A 3-step process designed with one specific purpose: to reduce the effort of getting dressed and providing confidence and style to our customers
  • Our system eliminates the pain and hassle associated to dressing yourself or a loved one in a seated or lying positions.
I’ve been suggesting Ovidis Adaptive Wear to all my clients. It’s just so easy to work with!

– MNO, caregiver from St-Jérôme


  • Adaptive wear never looked or felt so good
  • Designed to deliver ultimate comfort
  • Using Ultra-Soft materials, the weight and hand-feel of each garment have been carefully considered to provide all-day lasting comfort
  • The vast majority of our styles contain 4-way stretch for incredible comfort your loved one will appreciate
Seeing my mother feel so great in her favourite Ovidis sleepwear is a testament to the comfort, design and functionality of their designs. She’s asked us to purchase every one! Make more!

– Dina, from Mississauga


  • With Ovidis Adaptive Wear, you don’t have to settle for utility-only designs.  More importantly, you never again need to feel like your confidence and self-esteem are impaired by your disability
  • Ovidis places our customer’s confidence and dignity at the core of its beliefs and designs
  • We believe in developing versatile styles that will enable an individual to dress with a sense of pride, enhancing confidence and self-esteem so you can feel like yourself again
  • From functional fashion to cozy basics, Ovidis has you covered. Our styles are perfect for any occasion.
  • Feel great whether you need to leave the house or lounge around in total comfort
I was a little skeptical about adaptive wear until someone told me about Ovidis. I bought a dress shirt for my dad suffering from a physical disability and seeing him wear a button down shirt with so much pride is a welcome change, not only from what he normally wears given his condition, but in his mood and behaviour as well. Dressing him is now so simple, quick and painless. Thank you Ovidis!

– Amy, from Montreal


  • Hassle-free care instructions make caring for these garments an after thought
  • All styles are machine washable and dryable. Wash and wear with no ironing necessary
  • Our products are designed to repel stains, are wrinkle free and machine washable
  • We introduce materials made with anti-bacterial properties to prolong the life of the garments by preventing the growth and spreading of bacteria.
I am so thrilled to have discovered Ovidis from a colleague of mine. Their adaptive styles are not only great, they are practical for the everyday life of a senior. I love how easy they are to care for. Spills can occur often with my husband’s condition, and fortunately, even traditionally tough stains such as wine, oil, coffee, and food can be easily removed. No ironing either! Thank you Ovidis!

- Cathy, from Montreal

Discover Caregiver Assisted Dressing Made Easy



We owe our business to our customers. We place disability-first at the heart of our enterprise and work relentlessly to meet and exceed their expectations.


Innovation is the driving force behind our business. In close collaboration and partnership with our customers, we keep developing innovative  solutions to enhance dignity and confidence.


Our employees are Ovidis' most valuable resource. We are more than co-workers – we are a family. We collectively work as a team, bringing our individual talent, experience and expertise to achieve common goals.


Our objective is to constantly research and develop new and creative ways to optimize the dressing process, both from an aesthetic and technical perspective. We are always sourcing new fabrics and  designs and working with a team of industry experts capable of offering innovative solutions to support our cause.


We constantly strive to achieve excellence in all that we do. We see this as a process of continuous improvement and learning, never resting on past achievements and learning from our customers and their feedback.


We believe in community and are active in giving back. We will continue to promote the benefits of our products through numerous local partnerships and collectives. Ovidis is proud to donate a portion of their proceeds to local charities and charitable causes such as the Alzheimers foundation.