Our clothes make it easier to dress for people with physical or cognitive difficulties. In this time of COVID-19 crisis, they are particularly affected. It is therefore more important than ever that they have the right clothing for their needs.

Discover Ovidis’ innovative designs for easy and stress-free caregiver assisted dressing. Designed for individuals facing mobility, sensory or cognitive challenges. Adopted by patients, aging seniors, as well as caregivers, family members and professionals providing assistance to individuals facing those challenges.

Adaptive Clothing For Seniors

Women Collection

SHOP WOMEN:  Take a look at our selection of adaptive clothing designed for women who cherish a sense of style and distinction

Men Collection

SHOP MEN:  Elegant, laid-back and classically cool, the men’s collections has a powerful minimalist look.


Dressing Great Means Feeling Great. We aim to simplify caregiver assisted dressing by offering quality styling made of soft and resilient fabrics that are easy to care for. We believe the simple task of getting dressed should be a positive experience strongly associated to individuality and to one's self esteem. We are committed to providing hassle-free, discreet adaptive designs to dramatically improve the quality of life of your loved ones.

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Des vêtements adaptés qui simplifient le travail des préposés
Une entreprise d’ici veut réinventer le vêtement adapté
Adaptive Clothing: Simplify Caregiver Assisted Dressing
Des vêtements adaptés pour des adultes ayant des défis de mobilité, sensoriels ou cognitifs

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How to choose the right size for your adaptive clothing?

How to choose the right size for your adaptive clothing?

Comfort on a daily basis with Ovidis adaptive clothes

Comfort on a daily basis with Ovidis adaptive clothes

Above and beyond physical or cognitive loss

Above and beyond physical or cognitive loss


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Discover Ovidis’ adaptive wear designed innovatively for individuals who struggle with the daily challenge of dressing because of their mobility, sensory, or cognitive challenges. Our complete line of adaptive apparel for seniors makes dressing easier and more comfortable for the wearer and also helps caregivers in dressing individuals facing mobility challenges.

Our adaptive clothing for the elderly, from easy-on footwear to strap-on dashing pajamas to stylish button-free shirts, is adopted by Dementia/Parkinson patients and aging seniors as well as caregivers, family members, and professionals providing care to people with mobility issues.

Our adaptive clothing for adults is designed while keeping in mind the trendy style that seniors look for when shopping for clothes. Plus, we use premium quality fabric in every piece of clothing for the elderly to provide enhanced comfort and functionality. With our comfortable clothing for the elderly, your senior loved one will rest assured to enjoy a smooth dressing process and the highest level of comfort.

Check out our extensive line of adaptive wear clothing perfect for both men and women, and give your elderly loved ones the ease and independence they desire in dressing.

SHOP WOMEN: Take a look at our widest selection of special needs adaptive clothing designed for women who cherish a sense of style and distinction

SHOP MEN: Shop from our men’s collection that offers a powerful minimalist look with its elegant, laid-back, and classically-cool adaptive clothing for disabled adults and seniors