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5 Father's Day gift ideas for an older father

5 Father's Day gift ideas for an older father

Running out of Father's Day gift ideas for your grandfather or older Dad? You are not alone! After all, what can be offered to a person who has given you everything?

Well, there are a few little things you can do to show your love to your father or grandfather.

To inspire you, here are 5 Father's Day gift ideas for an older father.


1. An e-reader, because you're never too old to learn!

With age, it is normal and natural that your elderly father sees less well than before. However, this makes reading for fun become more and more difficult, especially when the printed characters are small.

That's why an e-reader is an ideal gift. This little gadget is lightweight and can hold thousands of books. It is also possible to adjust the font size to prevent your father from forcing his eyes too much to read. In addition, e-readers are much simpler to use than other mobile tablets.


2. Adaptive clothing for senior men for assured comfort

Older people very often must live with reduced mobility. This may make some daily activities, such as dressing every morning, more difficult.

In order to ensure the comfort of your Dad, why  not offer him as a gift adaptive  clothes for men and for the occassion Ovidis offers a 20% discount on selected men's clothes! 

Adaptive men's clothing is designed to make it easier for the elderly to dress and undress. If you are your father's caregiver, this gift can also be beneficial to you.

At Ovidis, we offer  a complete collection of clothes adapted for elderly men: shirts, pyjamas, pants... No matter what clothes your father needs, you will find it with us.


3. Games and activities to have fun alone or with family and friends

If your father lives in a retirement home and you fear that he will be bored? Offer him games and activity books that will allow him to have fun on his own or in the company of friends and family.

For example, you could buy him card games that are simple to learn, or coloring books for adults, which are very beneficial for the elderly. Such activities are stimulating for the mind.


4. Plan a day filled with memorable experiences

Sometimes the elderly no longer want to receive material gifts, because they have everything they need.

If your Dad thinks like this, you can offer him a beautiful day with the whole family to create beautiful memories. And no need to make things complicated. Often, sharing a homemade meal or going to  the restaurant is enough to spend quality time!


5. Accessories for added comfort at home

In addition to suitable clothing, there are also different accessories that can increase Dad's comfort at home.

For example, weighted blankets are gaining in popularity, as they have been proven to provide a better quality of sleep, which is crucial for the elderly. You may also want to offer him  slippers that are easy to put on to keep his feet warm during the long winter months.


Find the most beautiful adaptive men's clothing at Ovidis

If you want to offer comfort to your Dad or Grandpa on this Father's Day, the right clothes are an excellent choice to consider.

Do you want to offer him beautiful quality clothes for this special occasion? Visit our online store to find everything you are looking for and take advantage of our fathers day promotion!!


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