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What Features to Look For When Buying Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

What Features to Look For When Buying Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

With adaptive clothing for people with limited mobility gaining grounds, it’s no surprise to see family members of the elderly and those with disabilities looking for it now and again. And there’s a reason: this special type of clothing has ruled out the inherent challenge of dressing those who need help with dressing. Now caretakers feel more comfortable and confident in helping their loved ones put on and take off clothes. 

However, the level of comfort and confidence that adaptive clothing offers for both the caretaker and wearer depends on its features and fabric used. This makes choosing the clothes that are equipped with special features all the more important. If you are looking for adaptive clothing for wheelchair users or someone with limited mobility, here are a few features you should look for in the clothes:

Carefully designed opening and closures

One of the reasons adaptive clothing got so popular among people with limited mobility is the ease with which it can be worn and taken off. To achieve this goal, it’s vital to buy the clothes that are designed to make dressing easier and comfortable for the wearer, as well as the caretaker. A good piece of adaptive clothing should include carefully designed and placed openings and closures that enable the wearer to put on and take it off with little to no help from the caretaker. For example, a shirt with a side or back zipper and closure made of soft velcro is an excellent option to buy.

Accommodation of specific conditions 

People who choose adaptive clothing generally have certain requirements when it comes to clothing. For example, some people who wear medical devices, such as braces and monitors, need clothing designed to work around their special medical-devices. On the other hand, people with sensitive skin require clothes that are soft and easy to move in. Based on a person’s specific needs, a particular type of adaptive clothing is available at the elderly clothing stores. So, when you are looking for adaptive clothing for someone, be sure to pay attention to their specific needs and buy the clothes with features that meet their needs.

Attractive clothing options

Many people think that adaptive clothing for wheelchair users is created to be functional with little aesthetic appeal. However, renowned elderly clothing stores provide adaptive clothing that is both functional and fashionable to help people with limited mobility look good and be confident. When choosing these clothes for your loved one, make sure to pay attention to the design and appearance of the clothes, regardless of what you are buying. 

If you are looking for adaptive clothing for your family member who struggles to get dressed because of mobility issues, feel free to explore our store or get in touch with us today.

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