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Some Key Caregivers’ Queries Regarding Dressing Seniors

Some Key Caregivers’ Queries Regarding Dressing Seniors

There is always room for improvement in any job profession. And when you are a healthcare professional, especially a caregiver, there is always something new to learn so that you can provide better care to your patients. In this blog, we’re going to address some key questions that caregivers have pertaining to dressing seniors.  Let’s take a look at them.

Keeping A Senior From Falling

We will advise you to first check a senior’s blood pressure to confirm whether it is on the low side or not. Check the blood pressure both while the patient is sitting and standing. Don’t attempt to dress him/her if the pressure is on the low side overall.

Some patients have poor balance and leg strength. You can find this out by observing your patient’s strength, gait, and balance. To improve these, get your patient to do some mild exercises that help improve balance and strength. Also, make sure the senior is wearing proper footwear while getting dressed so that they do not slip and fall.

Dressing A Senior With Dementia or Alzheimer’s

There are several things that need to be given proper attention here . It would be good to give a senior with either of these conditions a choice to wear a clothing of their liking. This is important for boosting their sense of independence. Just make sure you do not ask them to choose from a large selection of clothes as this can make them confused or overwhelmed. If they are capable of finding clothes on their own, then it would be good to label drawers to make this task easier for them.

It would be beneficial if you make the room warm enough as such an environment makes the task of getting dressed comfortable for seniors with either of the above-mentioned medical conditions. Make sure there is a chair or a rail in the room so that a senior has proper support while getting dressed. Also, keep the curtains fully closed to give the patient some privacy.

Adaptive apparel for seniors with these medical conditions are a must. They make the whole task of getting dressed very easy both for the caregiver and the senior as such apparels are designed keeping in mind the struggles seniors go through while getting dressed and undressed. For instance, open-back shirts and sweaters, side-snap pants, comfortable sleepwear, etc. are made keeping in mind mobility, cognitive, and sensory issues.

Maintaining The Dignity of An Elderly Patient

Many caregivers tend to take this tip lightly but it is very important that every senior is given the freedom to choose a clothing of their liking. Majority of us have a good idea about the clothes that will suit us. It is crucial for caregivers to keep this in mind and let seniors literally choose a dress from the wardrobe if they are capable. Give them ample time to choose a dress and then help them get into that dress. Do this and you will be able to maintain the dignity of your patient.

One of the best ways of making the whole act of getting dressed and undressed simpler and quicker for aging seniors and seniors with neurodegenerative disorders is using adaptive clothing for handicapped and seniors. Ovidis Adaptive Wear specializes in making this kind of clothing for seniors and handicapped adults. If interested, you can check out our collection of adaptive clothing for both women and men.

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