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Why are the materials and fabrics used in adaptive clothing design important?

Why are the materials and fabrics used in adaptive clothing design important?

For most of us, getting dressed is a routine task that we perform without any difficulty. However, this is not the case for everyone. While the snap fasteners on our shirts and the zippers on our pants are generally not challenging, the situation is quite the contrary for those with a physical or mental disability.

In addition to their unique design for dressing people with reduced mobility, these textiles also have features that increase everyday comfort for the people who wear them. The materials and fabrics used to design adaptive clothing are therefore very important in order to offer a product that is as easy to put on as it is comfortable to wear or maintain.

A standard garment that meets specific needs

A number of alterations are made to standard clothing to create adaptive clothing. For example, the back of an adaptive pair of pants can be fully opened so that the legs can be inserted in a sitting position. Buttons and laces are replaced by velcro. Pockets are placed further forward to provide easy access in a sitting or lying position. Skirt openings are placed on the side. Adaptive clothing has the advantage of making life easier for those who need it. They promote their mobility, safety and self-esteem.

The importance of fabrics and materials in the creation of adaptive clothing

Adaptive clothing doesn't only have a different design. It is also designed with special materials and fabrics to provide increased comfort for people with reduced mobility who wear it.

For example, many garments must be adapted for sensory purposes. For instance, a soft cloth should be used for people suffering from chronic chills. Moreover, the fabrics must be durable to withstand washing and regular use.

As you can see, the goal of adaptive clothing is to provide the right combination of comfort and style so that the person wearing it feels good every day.

Ovidis helps you find the right adaptive clothing

When choosing the right adaptive clothing, your safety and self-esteem should not be overlooked. The use of materials and fabrics that respond to the needs of individuals with specific disabilities or disorders is an additional criterion that is of major importance.

With so many things to consider, making an informed choice isn't always easy. To be confident in your choice, don't hesitate to shop on our website or contact our team. We will be happy to recommend the right clothes for you.

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