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Clothing Choices for Individuals Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Clothing Choices for Individuals Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

When caring for someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s, their choice of clothing might just not be on your list of priorities. After all, looking after their needs and caring for them round the clock is no difficult task in itself.

Yet, one should also take into consideration the fact that as they start experiencing behavioral shifts and serious loss of memory over time, the clothing they wear also plays a role in how comfortable they feel. Given their condition, certain attachments (such as buttons and hooks) on tops for elderly ladies, tees, and pajamas for men might not be safe for them.

If you are shopping for clothes for someone who is living with Alzheimer’s disease, then do keep the following things in mind:

Clothing as an Expression of Their Personality

Alzheimer’s is an extremely debilitating disorder that leads to memory loss and as it progresses, it causes communication problems while interfering with their daily activities. During the final stages, they might just not be able to function without a full-time caregiver.

However, it is important to remember that their illness does not define who they are. It does not change who they were as a person and what they mean to their loved ones. Similarly, the clothing choices they made earlier were an extension of their personal identity, and helping them stick to it for as long as possible is crucial to maintaining their individuality.

Clothing To Keep Them Cozy

Seniors feel colder because their blood circulation slows down and the walls of their blood vessels lose their elasticity with age. Notably, people living with Alzheimer’s have exhibited drops in body temperature more often than their counterparts. That is why one should opt for clothing and special sweaters for elderly ladies and men that can keep them warm without leading to overheating or making them feel uneasy. During the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, one should give this more importance as patients might not be able to verbally communicate their discomfort.

Clothing To Keep Them Safe

Most individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are bed-ridden for a better part of the day. That is why they are more prone to suffering from skin sores and ulcers. The clothes they wear might also cause rashes and irritation if they are not designed keeping their lifestyle and behaviors in mind.

Buttons and laces on clothes can cause them to get seriously stuck due to which they might panic. Therefore, it is important to opt for breathable, loose clothes with easy-to-use fasteners. Velcro attachments are usually recommended for them, but care should be taken to ensure that it doesn’t brush against their skin all the time.

People suffering from Alzheimer’s struggle with tasks that you might be able to do in the wink of an eye, such as wearing clothes the right way, putting on shoes, fastening hooks, snaps, and closing buttons. That is why getting clothes specially designed for seniors are the best option for them. If you are looking for stylish, comfortable adaptive clothing for seniors living with dementia, check out our collection today.

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