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Prostate Cancer Awareness

Prostate Cancer Awareness

Ovidis joins its voice with that of thousands of others to mark Prostate Cancer awareness month. Did you know that this is the most common cancer for men? In fact, 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

We invite you to visit the Canadian Cancer Society’s website at www.cancer.ca to find out more about prostate cancer and to see the various ways in which you can contribute to help fund research projects and improve the lives of those affected by it. You will also find a complete guide on diagnosis, treatments and resources available.


Prostate Cancer Canada


The Procure organization also organizes one of the biggest prostate cancer fundraisers later on this fall with its ‘Noeudvembre’ campaign. The popularity of this bow tie sale keeps on growing every year. Visit their website at https://www.procure.ca/en/home/  for complete details. Stay tuned to our website in November to purchase your own bow tie in support of their campaign.